We love our babies (and their parents)! 

That’s why we provide 3 Options for you to experience our Sunday service with your little one.


Choose the one that works for your family:


  • Staffed Nursery for Infants (3 - 11 months)Babies (12 - 17 months)Toddler/2’s (18 – 30 months)


We sing to our babies, pray for them, look after their needs and provide opportunities for them to learn about Jesus.  Our babies enjoy a simple Bible story, craft and worship as they play.


  • Mom’s Nursing Room – feed & change your baby in comfort and privacy while you watch a LIVE video feed of the service.


  • Family Room – supervise your child as they play and enjoy a LIVE video feed of the service.


Each Sunday, we post Sunday’s Bible stories (as well as conversation tips) to help parents talk about faith with their kids while driving in the car or hanging out together at home.  


Stay current with your child’s monthly Bible memory verse & connected with what your child is learning in our kids’ rooms on Sundays and Friday nights. 

Click below to access our weekly kids’ Bible videos.

As a church, we look forward to partnering with you in your baby/toddlers’ spiritual development now and at every step along the way.

Currently, we are running Connect Q on Zoom! To join us in the next Connect Q session, simply fill out the form below and we will get back to you!

Connect Q is a place where those who just came to Church on the Queensway can meet our pastoral staff members and find more about our church and different ministries. 


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