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Toronto Passion Play

The Toronto Passion Play is BACK!
This year, the Toronto Passion Play features a brand new script to depict the life of Christ. Fifteen years after the Crucifixion, Jesus’ followers are growing rapidly, even in the face of great opposition. A notorious Roman Military Interrogator, Marcus Kurios, has been tasked with putting a stop to this growing nuisance. He successfully arrests two prominent figures, and the interrogation begins. These prisoners are given a simple choice: tell the truth, or die. Marcus, trained in the art of detecting deception, will stop at nothing to expose their fraud, and once and for all put Jesus of Nazareth to death.

The Toronto Passion Play has become an annual Easter tradition for many.  It started in 1991 and since that time has drawn over 400,000 spectators from around the GTA and beyond.  With incredible acting, singing, dancing and a live orchestra, the life of Christ is portrayed and celebrated in a manner that is highly entertaining and yet deeply moving.

Hundreds of volunteers pour countless hours into this labour of love. Every so often the play changes with a new script and music but one thing remains the same; The Toronto Passion Play is all about Jesus!  
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