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Strong | Steady | Sanctified

The Book of Job for Men

2nd & 4th Friday Nights | 7:30pm

Fellowship Hall

When the Holy Spirit speaks we should listen. In preparing our study of 7 Great Men of the Bible, we have felt a strong urge to land on Job and focus for now our attention on how this great Man suffered so much yet never let go of His Faith. Rather than gloss over His life for a single Friday Session we are going to open up a Study of His life and spend our Spring Season strengthening our Faith with the resolve of this Great Man of the Bible. Join us as we go deep into the Book of Job.

Stand Strong Devotions

2nd & 4th Tuesdays night | 7pm


A daily devotional that will inspire you to draw strength from the Word of God with a 30 minute group reflection of your daily devotional journey. Join us on the 2nd & 4th Tuesdays night at 7pm on ZOOM

Roots of Anger

Room 102

A unique interactive program that will help men identify the best way to handle Anger. If you have a challenge with anger in any form know that God desires more from you. Many Men try in their own strength to overcome this Giant but it is only the Power of God that can free you from yourself. Join our “Roots of Anger” course to finally be free of this bondage and let the Joy of the Lord be your strength. It’s Your Time Men.
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