Childhood faith experiences at Church and at home really matter (even during COVID).

Childhood Faith Experiences at Church and at home really matter (even during COVID). And because of that….we have modified our rooms, enhanced our cleaning process, physical distanced everything and revamped the way that we provide ministry programs to kids so that your child can come to church and continue to connect with their friends, develop a personal faith in Christ and discover how God’s truth applies to their life. 


in one of our Sunday classes HERE.
(forms open Sundays @ 1:00 p.m. and close Fridays @ 1:00 p.m. for the upcoming Sunday)


We want to connect with you...

9:30 & 11:11 a.m. (ages 2 years - grade 3).
Save a spot in your child’s class each week (see above).  Kids grow up fast.  That’s why we are intentional about providing Bible stories, fun skits, laugh-out-loud crafts, games, Bible memory verses and activities that will impress God’s love on your child. A mask is required for kids ages 2 & up attending our kids’ ministry programs.

6:30 p.m. (kids up to grade 3).  
Join our kids’ ZOOM hangout with Pastor Saundra & your friends for The Chocolate Chip Club.  Chat with friends and enjoy faith-filled fun (while your parent makes dinner).  We’re following the Freedom in Christ series for kids.  Know who you are in Jesus. Topics include belonging to Christ, forgiveness, and so much more!
Email: for password & more details. 


Video content (toddlers to grade 3)
Click HERE for our weekly Bible story blog (Age 2-SK and Grade 1-3 videos and parent guide) OR check out our website (below) & our YouTube channel. (new devotional content & crafts post Tuesdays & Thursdays) OR access Right Now Media’s huge library of kids videos HERE.



Welcome!  We can’t wait to meet you!  To speed up your child’s Check-In experience (after saving-your-spot above) you can register your child HERE.  Allergy Form HERE.


What if there is no more room for my child’s age/grade when I try to save-a-spot?

We encourage families to try switching service times if your preferred service time is full.

Are children mixing with other groups for part of their morning?

No, at this time, there is no changing rooms or mixing of groups which we normally do for some of our story times.

Are you serving snack?

No, there is no food being provided or allowed to be brought into the class at this time.

Can my child use the water fountain if they are thirsty while in class?

No, unfortunately, they will have to wait until you pick them (if they are really thirsty we’ll page/text you).

Do you have an overview of the procedures you are using now, with COVID?

Yes, we do, you can request a copy (

LOL Jokes

Thursday September 24 Update

How do you laugh in the middle of a pandemic? Well, you can watch these epic knock-knock jokes for a start BUT true JOY comes when we take time to remember what God has done for us. Watch to the very end to see our special guest!

Make a Hedge Hug

Tuesday September 22 Update

Back to school means new friendships. We all need God’s help to be the best friend possible! Make a hedge HUG for your friend and pray that God will bless them. Thank God for your friends.

The Chocolate Chip Club

Thursday September 17 Update

God loves you! Learn a verse and find out how a donut and a timbit can remind you of God’s love. Email us for info on our kids’ ZOOM hangout every Monday at 6:30PM.


Look for archived content on the Kid's Ministry YouTube page! Catch up on past updates, find more activities and learn more about God.


Each Sunday, we post Sunday’s Bible stories (as well as conversation tips) to help parents talk about faith with their kids while driving in the car or hanging out together at home.  


Stay current with your child’s monthly Bible memory verse & connected with what your child is learning in our kids’ rooms on Sundays and Friday nights. 

Click below to access our weekly kids’ Bible videos.



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