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    Watch our weekly, Sunday Bible story videos as a family (one for Toddlers to SK and one for kids Grade 1-3). We’ll also help you track with a weekly Bible verses to learn as a family.  Click here to access our blog.

  2. Every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, have your child join us here for stories, our memory verse and other kids’ faith building resources.

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Easter Story for Kids

Tuesday, April 9 Update

When was the first time that you heard about God’s love?  Watch this unique kid-friendly story (made just for YOU) about God’s love.

Rabbit Ears for Jake

Tuesday, April 7 Update

Help me figure out how to get rabbit ears to stay on my dog, Jake. Make a cross with one snip of the scissors.  Remember the HUGE cross on the church?   Why is it easier to see the cross when it’s dark out?  

A Sidewalk Full

of Clothes

Sunday, April 5 Update

Yup.  That’s what you get when you are celebrating Palm Sunday…   Pray along with one of your friends and make some palm branches for an-at-home-Palm-Sunday-worship parade!!


Doesn't my dog Jake look cute?  Try a shirt on your dog...

Each Sunday, we post Sunday’s Bible stories (as well as conversation tips) to help parents talk about faith with their kids while driving in the car or hanging out together at home.  


Stay current with your child’s monthly Bible memory verse & connected with what your child is learning in our kids’ rooms on Sundays and Friday nights. 

Click below to access our weekly kids’ Bible videos.

Childhood faith experiences at Church and at home really matter.



Talking About the Health Pandemic with Your Kids


Easter Songs:



Family Devotions:



Easter Month Bible Story Videos/ Colouring Sheets  

(Toddler – SK)

Palm Sunday video

Colouring sheet


Easter Sunday video

Colouring sheet


Breakfast on the Beach video

Colouring sheet

Great Commission video

Colouring sheet

(Grade 1-3)

Jesus Prays In Gethsemane video

Colouring sheet

Crucified and Risen video

Colouring sheet


Servant Principle video

Colouring sheet

On the Road to Emmaus video

Colouring Sheet




9:30 & 11:11 a.m.

3 Months - Grade 3

Kids grow up fast.

That’s why we are intentional about providing Bible stories, worship, skits, crafts, games and activities that will impress God’s love on your child’s heart.   We design what happens in each room, to make the most of every moment that your child is in our class.  


Our goal is to partner with you, to see children grow into a personal faith in Christ and to make disciples of the next generation. 


Sundays Classes:

Nursery (Infants 3-11months)

Babies (12-17 months)

Toddler/2  (18-30 months)

PreK (Born in 2016)

JK (Born in 2015)

SK (Born in 2014)
Grade 1 (Born in 2013)

Grade 2 (Born in 2012)

Grade 3 (Born in 2011)


When you arrive, your child can be registered at any of our Check in Stations.  We will be happy to help you find your class.


In our rooms We love: creative activities & Bible stories that help us understand God’s love for us; laugh-out-loud fun; learning our memory verse; playing a game; praying with our friends and worshipping God through our actions & songs.


We use lots of playdough, glue sticks, markers, construction paper, popsicles sticks and more to engage your child each week in activities that focus their heart and mind on our weekly Bible truth.


7:30 – 9:00 p.m.

3 Months - Grade 3

Friday nights are full of variety as kids wind down from their week and focus their energy on fun activities with their friends, while parents are free to enjoy one of our adult Bible programs.


Each Friday we AMPLIFY the Bible truth that kids were taught on the Sunday previous, in a FUN and interactive way.  Small group with your friends, is a part of most weeks.


Here’s an overall look at our monthly schedule*:

Week 1 - Gym Night

Week 2  - Theme Party

Week 3 – Kids’ Service Projects & Dance**

Week 4 – Art

*schedule varies at times

** dance class by Pure Motion by Design


Parent Night

Friday November 29th (7:30 – 8:30pm)

Parents, join us for an overview of our Kids, Tweens and Youth ministry programs. 
Special movie night for kids’ programs.


Interested in volunteering?  Fill out the form below and find out more. 


Questions about our nursery?


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