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Queensway Performing Arts

Touring at churches this summer

Turn your church into a riotous Roman courtroom with THE LAST STAND OF SAINT PAUL, a rollicking, rolling adventure, sparkling with humour, action, music -- and audience participation! This immersive theatrical experience invites audiences to discover who Paul really was in one final act of testimony, fighting a death penalty.


Performed by seasoned actor-singer Arthur Wachnik, the current Arts Pastor at Church on The Queensway, and Co-written by award winning playwright Dennis Hassell (with over three dozen scripts professionally produced, and over 9,000 performances!)  


THE LAST STAND OF ST. PAUL is a highly entertaining production that packs a spiritual punch! This is a perfect event to invite non-christians to, and performances are booking now from late June to Mid-September. Please contact for more information and booking requests.





JUNE 30 - Lakeshore Pentecostal Camp - Cobourg 


JULY 7 - Allison Pentecostal Church - Allison

JULY 14 - Fresh Wind Revival Centre - Wingham

JULY 18 - Valley Pentecostal Church - Sudbury

JULY 19 - Timmons Pentecostal Church - Timmons

JULY 20 - Kirkland Lake Pentecostal Church- Kirkland Lake

JULY 21 AM - Temiskaming Church - Temiskaming Shores

JULY 21 PM - Bethel Huntsville - Huntsville

JUL7 27 - Bethel Bible Camp - Rodney

JULY 28 - New life Church - Milton



AUGUST 4 - Crossfire Church - Hamilton

AUGUST 10 - Marmora Pentecostal Church - Marmora

AUGUST 11 AM- Pickering Pentecostal Church - Pickering

AUGUST 11 PM - Braeside Camp - Paris

AUGUST 16 - River of Life Pentecostal Church - Midland



SEPTEMBER 1 - Kingsview Community Church - Stoney Creek

SEPTEMBER 22 - Whitby Christian Assembly - Whitby


OCTOBER 6 - Church on The Queensway - Toronto

The Last Stand of St. Paul.jpg

The Toronto Passion Play features a script that depicts the life of Christ. Fifteen years after the Crucifixion, Jesus’ followers are growing rapidly, even in the face of great opposition. A notorious Roman Military Interrogator, Marcus Kurios, has been tasked with putting a stop to this growing nuisance.

He successfully arrests two prominent figures, and the interrogation begins. These prisoners are given a simple choice: tell the truth, or die. Marcus, trained in the art of detecting deception, will stop at nothing to expose their fraud, and once and for all put Jesus of Nazareth to death.


In "The Christmas Hit!” a struggling songwriter who is about to lose everything, desperately seeks to write a hit Christmas song.  His life takes a miraculous turn when he is visited by a heavenly messenger who transports him through time. Along his extraordinary adventure, he encounters legendary songwriters responsible for some of the most beloved Christmas carols in history. With their guidance and inspiration, our songwriter must find the creativity and spirit to compose the next great Christmas song, hoping to bring joy to the world and discover the true meaning of the season. 

Don't miss out on this hilarious and heartwarming holiday extravaganza! It's the perfect way to kick off the most wonderful time of the year!


A Mishmashed Christmas

This spectacular Christmas musical is a fast-paced, comedic, heart-warming extravaganza that will delight and please audiences of all ages. The musical tells the story of an artistic community that gathers to create a new Christmas Play. What will the show be? All ideas are welcome, but not all ideas are great! As each vision for the new play is presented, it comes to life on stage resulting in a show that is a terrific mishmash of musical genres and outlandish stories.


Based on the original stage play, The Nativity Musical Movie is a fast-paced, comedic rendition of the Christmas story, but set in the present day. The production is filled with modern and energetic arrangements of familiar Christmas carols, and terrific performances from an incredibly talented ensemble of performers and musicians. The Nativity Musical is sure to delight audiences of all ages, and draw them closer to the true meaning of Christmas. Both the original stage play and movie were written and directed by our very own Pastor Arthur Wachnik, and the music was produced by our worship director, Kibwe Thomas.

Nativity Musical 1920 copy-2.jpg

Ways to Get Involved

Stage Management

This team ensures that actors don't miss their entrances and are in their proper positions. The stage management team is like the glue that brings all the other departments together for the show on stage.


The team is made up of designers, sewers, dressers, and administrators who keep the costumes organized and beautiful.  Preparations for costumes usually starts 2 to 3 months in advance.  They are always looking for volunteers who can commit to pitching in and keeping things professional

Hair & Makeup

Hair and Makeup is more than just making the actors look good.  We have a great team of volunteering professionals who can work with the quick changes and the sensitivities of our actors/actresses.  They ensure our cast looks even more convincing in their costumes

Set Design

Set design is a huge task when we are doing new show. Every year there is always something that needs fixing from the sets, these changes can be big or small.  Our volunteers consist of professional artists, constructions workers and those that are handy.


Our props team is a small group of wonderful people.  Though the inventory space is small, it needs to be maintained as props are not always handled with care.  There is always the occasion for making new props, so this team needs volunteers who can make and create using all sorts of materials

Audio, Lighting & Media

We have great staff that oversea a team of volunteers for audio, lighting and media production for our shows.  There is always something new to learn and the team works cohesively to problem solve

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