Queensway Youth

Grades 8-12

Friday Nights.  7:30 - 9:30 P.M.

Every Friday night @ 7:30 our youth ministry engages the lives of teens from grades 8-12 to be what God has created them to be - Disciple Makers! Each month, we provide a rotating teaching format which allows our students to learn in different environments, as well as have the opportunity to dialogue with their peers and leaders.


Queensway loves students, and we would love to serve and connect with your family this year. We have amazing moments planned for your students to be connected to a community that is passionate about knowing God for themselves, and making Him known to the audience of their own lives. We also have great resources for parents to assist in engaging and shaping their student in a healthy way.



1536 The Queensway, Toronto Ontario • M8Z 1T5 • 416-255-0141  ||  info@thechurch.to