Queensway Youth

Grades 8-12


The long awaited return is finally here! We are back in action and excited to see everyone again but there have been some small changes to our YTH Services. For the time being, we will have two services for YTH on Sunday mornings. These services will be kept to the highest standard of safety for all students and leaders.

Each service will be social distanced, sanitized throughout the entire Sunday morning experience and require masks to be worn at all times. Due to the safety measures we are upholding, pre-registration will be required as well through our Save-A-Spot program



Each week, students are required to pre-register for our YTH Sunday Morning Services. There are limited spots available, so it’s crucial you register as early as possible. (forms open Sundays @ 1:00 p.m. and close Fridays @ 1:00 p.m. for the upcoming Sunday)



*Walk-in spots are available for first time visitors if building capacity has not been met, but we urge you to still pre-register if possible*



9:30 - 10:30 a.m.

11:11 a.m. - 12:11 p.m.

TYC building (Located on east side of our main building) This is our time for students to find identity, purpose and belonging. We have an amazing YTH team which is led by Pastor Brandon. Our focus is to have each student find a meaningful relationship with God and become part of the family here at Queensway. Our services include a time of worship together combined with a message by Pastor Brandon, you don’t want to miss this!



Wednesday Night’s – 8PM - 8:45PM

This is our midweek checkup on students where we have Live Hangouts, Life Groups and our Influencer Program. Safety is our main concern with all ZOOM calls. ZOOM calls are safe & secure and accessible through invite only. Each person who attends our ZOOM calls are placed in a waiting room to make confirm all attendees prior to start time. We recommend all students log on 5-10 early to help facilitate this process along.


To get the email invite, you must be registered on our Queensway Youth Database. Please fill out this form to make sure you receive all updates, information and invites for anything to do with Queensway Youth Ministries.

Any further questions or concerns please contact: brandon@thechurch.to We will be posting content for you to watch and participate in. We'll even be launching our first online YTH service coming soon! We love each one of you and we know God is control!



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Our Influencer Program is a commitment you need to make! God is going to use you to CHANGE LIVES!


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