Helping you through life's stages

Church on the Queensway is multi-faceted. We desire to meet the needs of our community at various stages of life and offer direction, encouragement, support, and recovery. We are here when care is needed to navigate your way through the challenging seasons of life. From pastoral care, to support and recovery groups to bereavement support we want to

help you on the road to wholeness.


Dedicating your child is an act of worship to God.  It signifies your trust in Jesus as Saviour and publically expresses your desire to raise your child in the teachings of the Bible, with the support of the church.  Please contact the church office to learn more about this.


For more information please email us.

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Church on the Queensway offers a pre-marriage program to help prepare you for this great big step.


Prepare & Enrich is a pre-requisite course that we offer, in which we talk about the many important issues that are best dealt with before the ceremony.  Topics such as Money, Intimacy, Communication, Family, Expectations, and Love Languages are all discussed in a fun and engaging format with up to 10 couples.  It should also be noted that this program is very helpful for couples in their first year+ of marriage as well.  Couples will complete an online inventory beforehand and a trained facilitator will discuss the report with the couple at the conclusion of the course.


For more information please call the church (416) 255-0141. 


Please contact us if we can be of assistance during this difficult time. For more information please contact Pastor Ron