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Strong | Steady | Sanctified

New events coming soon!

Fighting Your Battles

Friday Nights | 7:30pm

Fellowship Hall

Every Man of God will at some point find themselves in a Fight. The question is not IF but WHEN. The solution for victory is found not in HOW we fight but in WHO is fighting for us. MENRUS…. The Battle is the Lords. Join us this Fall, for Friday Night Live 7:30-9pm in the Fellowship Hall as we run to the battle and not from it.

Conquer in Christ

Thursday Nights | 7pm | 10 Month Study

Room 103

Men… In our own strength we are weak. But in His strength we are Strong. If you find yourself repetitively trying to overcome struggles of all kinds in your life then this small group is for you. It’s time to get serious with the help of some brothers in Christ and create a Christ driven solution for your habitual trial. Men .. It’s time to live a life CONQUERED IN CHRIST

Roots of Anger

Tuesday Nights | 7pm

Room 102

A unique interactive program that will help men identify the best way to handle Anger. If you have a challenge with anger in any form know that God desires more from you. Many Men try in their own strength to overcome this Giant but it is only the Power of God that can free you from yourself. Join our “Roots of Anger” course this fall to finally be free of this bondage and let the Joy of the Lord be your strength. It’s Your Time Men.
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