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Embrace spiritual growth, play many games, and build lifelong friendships.

Tween Fridays

Friday Nights 7:30pm - 9:pm

The Church

Starting September 15th, Friday nights are returning with a new name! After a week of school and life, we want tweens to find a place where they can feel charged up again! Join us as we connect, play games together, and have awesome small groups!

Sunday Tweens Services

9:30am & 11:11am | Gr. 4-7

The Factory

Every Sunday morning in ‘The Factory’ Tweens will have their own space to hangout, sing and worship together, hear what the Bible has to say to us today, and talk and pray with friends and leaders. Drop your Tween off at 'The Factory' (in the North East corner of the church’s property) before heading to the Sunday morning service, and pick them up as you leave.
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